Texas Jail Release Attorney

People never plan to go to jail. Often people do not know who to call or where to turn for help. The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, PLLC can help facilitate you or your loved ones release from jail. There are several way to obtain a jail release.

After a person is arrested, judge will usually set a bond amount. This will be a dollar amount that is commensurate with the charged offense, taking into account the person’s personal criminal history.  Considerations also may be given to whether or not the person has ties to the community and where the place of residence is located.  Delays can also occur after the arrest for a variety of considerations.   Usually this would occur, especially in Collin County, on the weekends and/or after normal working hours, and/or if there are delays with booking.  If the arrest occurs in Dallas County or Collin County, an Attorney Writ Bond may be able to be filed.  If you have been told a Writ Bond may be able to help secure a faster release, please call 214.702.CARL (2275) so we can help get the process started immediately for you.

If a bond amount has already set, it can typically be posted in three different ways:

Cash Bond: A person can post a cash bond in the amount of the bail and the release will be facilitated. The major benefit to this is that if the accused attends all required court settings, the amount posted will be returned.  Often this is not feasible because the amount is too high for a person to obtain.

Professional Bail Bond CompanyOne can also use a professional bail bond company (or surety) who will charge a percentage of the face amount of the bond to secure the person's release. The major drawback to using a bail bond company is that the percentage paid will not be returned at the conclusion of the case. As well, there are always strict reporting requirements to communicate with the bonding company, usually on a weekly basis. The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, PLLC, has many positive relationships with various bail bond companies around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Call 214.702.CARL (2275) and he can assist in finding a suitable bail bonding company suitable for you.

Attorney Surety Bond: The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, PLLC, has the authority to write Attorney Surety Bonds in Dallas County and in Collin County.  If the situation is one where this should be used, Carl can employ this method to help ease the burden of paying the additional cost when utilizing a professional bail bondsman.  Usually Carl will only do so in very select cases. When employing this avenue the accused must agree to hire Carl as their attorney of record. The Law Offices of Carl David Ceder, PLLC, will then effectively serve as both the attorney and as a bail bondsman. This can perhaps be the best option to employ because the fee can be structured where you are not paying a bondsman AND an attorney fee up front. Instead, you are afforded the option of being able to apply the bonding fee to help pay any legal costs.  Call 214.702.CARL (2275) 24 hours a day/7 days a week and our office can help explain the process to help you secure the fastest release possible.